Showroom Interior at David E. Adler Fine Rugs
David E. Adler Showroom, Scottsdale Arizona


Our showroom, located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, offers an extensive and comprehensive collection of all types of handmade rugs and textiles. Antique to contemporary, Nepalese to Navajo. Decorative floor covering to serious rugs for collectors. Each rug is individually selected, and our staff is knowledgeable and informed. If it’s not under our roof, we’ll know where to find it for you.

Visit our showroom to see our vast selection of rugs in person. We also offer in-home consultations with a selection of rugs of your choosing. You will be able to see how the color and texture adds to your home.


Lindsay Bowman started as an intern in 2005 at David E. Adler Fine Rugs while finishing up her Interior Design Degree. Within the first week, she fell completely in love with the fine rug industry and discovered how much she enjoyed sales because of the opportunity to help each client find the perfect rug for their home. Over the years, she was able to undertake other responsibilities of the business such as purchasing, shipping and inventory. This culminated in her deciding to purchase the business in September of 2023.

Her husband, John-David Bowman, recently retired from his career as an educator to help Lindsay pursue this longtime dream. He is well accomplished in his own right, one being recognized as 2015 Arizona Teacher of The Year. John-David is always up to a challenge and learning all new subjects, so the rug business has been such an exciting new venture for him. |


Ellie joined the team in Summer 2021. With degrees in Fine Art/Studio and Interior design, she brings with her a passion for all things visually dynamic and beautiful. Ellie has been working in the high-end interior design industry for over 15 years in Scottsdale, Arizona as a design assistant, purchaser and expediter. Her professional background and experience in art and interior design has evolved into a sophisticated understanding of design concepts and comprehensive knowledge of the creative design process. Collaboration with talented design teams working on a diverse range of residential projects from traditional to contemporary, has been the highlight of her career.

STEPHEN BURCH | Accountant

In April of 2024, Stephen took over the accounting department from the previous long-time accountant, Senka. He has big shoes to fill and is excited to contribute his unique talents and abilities. Stephen graduated from ASU in 2022 with bachelor’s degrees in accounting and computer information systems. Prior to his current role, he worked full-time as an analyst and decided to make the switch after reconnecting with long-time friend John-David Bowman. Stephen is married to his rock ‘n roll sweetheart and lead guitarist Sarah, enjoys kung fu movies, and finds joy in caring for his two dogs.



Humberto, Antonio, Angel, and David are valued members of our showroom and installation crew. They handle the rugs, arrange inventory, complete rug inspections, and oversee delivery, packing and shipping. Over that period of time working with rugs, they have become experts. They have a comprehensive knowledge of an extensive inventory and are deferred to regularly for their expertise. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Humberto is known to break into song at any moment, and is a great dancer.


Retired Founder – For over forty years, my goal has been to assemble and maintain a comprehensive inventory of hand-selected carpets with a sensitivity to the highest quality and an awareness of adapting to ever-changing trends in aesthetics, decoration, and color. When we select inventory, each choice we make is deliberate and considered. Our staff and showroom are recognized as among the finest in the country. In turn, we have dealt with those manufacturers throughout the world who also maintain a high level of integrity in their production. Our goal is to give our clients the finest rugs with the greatest range of choices at the best value.