About Us

David E. Adler

For over forty years, my goal has been to assemble and maintain a comprehensive inventory of hand selected carpets with a sensitivity to the highest quality and an awareness of adapting to ever changing trends in aesthetics, decoration and color. When we select inventory, each choice we make is deliberate and considered. Our staff and showroom is recognized as among the finest in the country. In turn, we have dealt with those manufacturers throughout the world who also maintain a high level of integrity in their production. My goal is to give our clients the finest rugs with the greatest range of choices at the best value. david@davideadler.com

Vicki Anderson

I join David E. Adler with 17 years of architecture and interior design experience in the valley. After completing my master of architecture degree in Ohio; I relocated to Arizona to attend ECOSA in Prescott, AZ. My love of the desert and the downtown Phoenix community kept my interest and attention influencing my decision to make Phoenix my home. My love of the fine arts and beautiful objects began early in life and directed my career path to interior design and architecture. I use my education and appreciation of fine arts to help others create personal beauty in their lives. I am very fortunate to have a supportive family. I have the pleasure of raising a daughter that constantly challenges my views and stimulates my creative spirit. In addition to running my daughter from one lesson or playdate to another; cooking, writing, drawing, designing, building, and gardening fill my down time. I look forward to finding something unique and beautiful for each client.


Lindsay Bowman

Lindsay started as an intern in 2005. After completing her Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) & The Certificate of Completion (CCL) at Scottsdale Community College, she committed to a full time position that began with clerical tasks and, with increased familiarity and a growing knowledge, began to sell. Her genuine interest and regard for beautiful textiles as well as her organization, have proven to be assets for our clients. In addition to pursuing her career at David E. Adler, Inc. she completed a BA in Organizational Management. 


Senka Redzic

I came to Arizona 20 years ago from Croatia, due to the war in the former Yugoslavia. I had achieved a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but did not speak English when I arrived here. I learned English  (still learning-never finished job), and certified my accounting diploma from Croatia  to USA. I am married and have two sons. The best achievement in my life are my children. I am so lucky to see they’ve become hard working responsible adults despite the many obstacles in their lives. I’ve worked with David for ten years. It’s a tough job and tough Boss. Each day is a challenge.


Humberto Arredondo, Reyes Ojeda, and Antonio Paramo & Carlos Pérez

Humberto Arredondo, Reyes Ojeda, and Antonio Paramo, have worked for us since 1998. They handle the rugs, take care of inventory, inspect rugs when they come in, and oversee delivery, packing and shipping when rugs go out. Over that period of working with rugs they have become experts. They have a comprehensive knowledge of an extensive inventory and are deferred to regularly by our staff and those customers who know them. Carlos has been with us for two years and is a terrific addition. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Humberto is known to break into a song at any moment and is a great dancer.

Francisco Arredondo & Juan Sanchez

Francisco Arredondo has worked for us since 1996, twenty years ago as this is being written. Francisco cleans, repairs, and restores rugs for us. His skill and knowledge are self taught. And he’s now a master with a well known and well earned national reputation. His work has been sought by dealers, collectors, and museums who know the quality of his work. His modesty, honesty, humility, and deference further recommend him. Juan Sanchez works with Francisco and we’re proud to have him with us.