• Antique Chinese Setting Sun Rug

    Antique Chinese Setting Sun Rug

    A Chinese rug of Art Deco design measuring 2 feet 10 inches by 5 feet. Dating from the 1930’s,
    a clean, geometric design of French inspiration. Excellent condition.

    Antique Chinese Pagoda Blue Rug

    Antique Chinese Pagoda Black Rug

    An Antique Mandarin Chinese carpet measuring 9 feet 9 inches by 13 feet 11 inches. Circa 1910/1920.
    Excellent condition. Centered by a pagoda shaded beneath a blossoming tree, a slim,
    single border stripe forming a border strewn with flowering prunus and peonie blossoms.

    Antique Chinese Dragon Rug

    Antique Chinese Dragon Blue Rug

    Antique Chinese carpet of monumental dimensions, 10 feet by 19 feet 2 inches. Circa 1890. A deep cobalt field centered by a circular wreath medallion enclosing a dragon. The field sparely decorated with floral sprigs, and framed by a medium blue border containing dragons whose tails intrude on field as if unbound by barriers. A dramatic carpet of rare and uncommon size.

    Antique Chinese Blue Rug

    Antique Chinese Blue Rug

    Antique Peking Chinese carpet measuring 10 feet 3 inches by 12 feet 8 inches. Excellent condition.
    An unadorned, deep, saturated indigo field imparting a feeling of unfathomable, bottomless depth, framed
    by a border with Shou medallion corner pieces signifying eternity. A restrained and elegant presentation.

    Chinese Blue Pictorial

    Antique Chinese Blue Pictorial Rug

    An antique Peking pictorial rug measuring 2 feet 5 inches by 6 feet, depicting Daoist immortals credited with knowing the secrets of Nature, flanking Shoulao, the God of longevity. They all stand on stylized clouds symbolizing the celestial realm. They were believed to be able to raise the dead, make themselves invisible and to bless anyone who bore their image. The rug bears a reign mark indicating an ancient date but, in fact, the rug dates to the late 19th century. Excellent condition.